2016-2017 Phoenix Ensemble

The theme for this ensemble's Summer Intensive Commencement engagement was



Cig break

Neighbor, the world is slowly turning. We watched demons eat away your life, piece by piece, a feast.
— Micah, Phoenix Ensemble author

Sidewalk genies

Denzel 15 final.jpg

to triumph

As a species, we have turned against one another because of genetics, religion, sexuality, gender, and money. We live in a world where people are criticized because of what they believe in, a world where people would rather die than be who they are.
— Ella, Phoenix Ensemble author
My smartness was the only thing keeping me alive. Trying to hide my past like a green snake in the grass. Making your only son and daughter grow up faster than a bullet coming out of a gun. Don’t get me wrong, I did have fun. But the sun does burn.
— Denzel, Phoenix Ensemble author