Design: in the context of a live performance, encompasses all of the visual aspects of the audience experience.


It is the process and eventual application of everything the artist knows about the subject being presented. This knowledge and creative outlet, when combined with the potential of a presentation space ultimately supports, through visual cues, the full story arc of an engagement. 

Since the inaugural year of Authoring Action programming, authors have worked with professional artists to develop visual aspects to major engagements. 

The design program explores the tools of contextual experience to create a full expression of each written work. Not everything can be expressed through words. Our authors are introduced to texture, color, rhythm, contrast, gesture and visual cues - all these things come together to create an experience for the audience, that shapes the reception of their words. 

The design program explores tools to further define and provide context for a written work.
— Jennifer O'Kelly, Director of Design

Some of our Recent work

Dollhouse brighter.jpg
Cigarette Break

Dollhouse, by authors Jordan, Jalen & Kennedi.

Phoenix Ensemble, Summer 2017


Cigarette Break, by authors A'nya & Micah

Phoenix Ensemble, Summer 2017

You can view more design work in the Archive pages