Our authors have ownership over every step of the creative process. Not only words, design, presentation and delivery, but also music. 

Whether a live engagement or in a short film, our authors curate and create the music that accompanies their medium of choice. 

Professional musicians and composers work with students year-round. Authors are not only introduced to the creative aspects of music writing but also the technical skills needed to record, edit and mix tracks with the most recent technologies and programs. 

Particularly for our Just Us film program, authors leave the process with a valuable, employable, and enviable skill set. 

Aspects of Music in our programs

  • Composing instrumental accompaniment to written pieces
  • Developing articulation and proper vocal techniques
  • Self-confidence and skill building through singing and playing instruments
  • Recording tracks with modern digital recording software
  • Teaching technique and process for recording voice-overs
  • Encouraging beat creation using sample and midi technology as well as developing original beats and rhythm tracks for film
  • Teaching mixing principles with compression, reverb, and various modulation effects.