Our process is unique, designed by us, for our authors and audiences. It's called:


Writing to the Senses


Developed by Creative Director, Nathan Ross Freeman, Writing to the Senses is at once a methodology for writing and a catalyst for completely original content, no matter the age, experience or background of the author. 

We call our teens, and our workshop participants, authors from the french auteur. The translation is this: a singular artist who controls all aspects of a creative collaborative work. Our authors have complete control and ownership of the creative process from beginning to end. 

Ownership. That is a key element to this process. Never once are ideas taught or told. We start with our First Ink Discussion.  This discussion is based on a question - What is courage? - and an introduced synonym.  What is the difference between courage and bravery?

Discussion ensues based on the Socratic method.  Each participant must speak their own perspective, clarify when others misunderstand, and decide when to speak.  No hand raising.  No yelling, no teaching.  Only sharing and developing opinions through definition. 



Impact of authorship

Our teen authors develop valuable writing skills and powers of articulation through this process. Our workshop participants gain the same, and in the context of their professional settings. The universality of the process, paired with a deeply personal element (authorship can only be such) creates a powerful experience for both the author and their audience.