Creative writing at Authoring Action is about going to a place where you have something to say, not just saying something because you are being asked to write. 

Going to a place, within yourself, where you have something to say is a form of admittance. Our authors and workshop participants must realize and admit how a topic or issue relates to their life, their community. 

Each session, whether a workshop or preparation for and engagement, authors find what they have to say through our Authoring Action Writing Process. You can read more about the process here. 

The First Ink Discussion is a brain trust, or think tank. Opinions are formed in response to a question. What is courage? True ideas and perspectives are developed when a synonym and comparison is introduced. What is the difference between courage and bravery?

At this point, authors cannot help but begin to relate these topics to their lives, experiences and viewpoints. Once we've gotten this far, the next step is to turn those ideas into a storm. 

Brainstorm. Here is where writing begins. Authors are lead through the innovative brainstorming process developed by Creative Director & Co-Founder Nathan Ross Freeman. By using lists of unrelated words, various categorizations and something we call a Scatter Page, authors have a set of resources to begin tackling the blank page.

Our creative writing process guarantees complete originality, a signature voice. Our process develops iconoclasts. Authors do not subscribe to entrenched symbolism or pre-established cliches. Each word is genuine, original. These words come from a place where every person has something to say.