Authoring Action is a nonprofit arts and education outreach organization dedicated to developing young people as authors and articulate advocates for social change!


Our signature methods for creative writing and spoken word were pioneered through our extensive work with youth. We bring them to bear in our youth programming, speaking engagements, workshops in schools/teacher training and professional development - in order to transform lives and build stronger communities.

Authoring Action's youth impact audiences across the nation, from Harvard University, The National At-Risk Education Network, The Children's Guild, Wisconsin State Reading Association Literacy Convention - to right here in our local community! 

Speaking Engagements

The Outreach Ensemble serves as a partner and resource for educational, cultural, social and civic organizations seeking youth engagement and insight to achieve healthy, thriving and unified communities. 

Civil Rights, Class, Race & Gender Inequality, Violence, Personal Transformation, Self-Expression, Social Change, Literacy, & more


Pen & Voice

Authoring Action’s programming is not limited to youth. Our Pen & Voice - Professional Workshops are ideal for adults working in the corporate/HR setting. Our facilitators use the power of storytelling to help participants become aware of what each person brings from his or her personal experience that informs and impacts one’s approach to work and life. This training is especially powerful and beneficial for individuals who are caregivers, work on a team, work with youth, or otherwise work in a personal service capacity. 

Workshops in Schools

Authoring Action Artists  work with teachers, training them in the Writing to the Senses method for reaching disengaged teens in their classrooms. Utilizing proven methods of youth engagement, teachers will learn how to help their students draw inspiration from personal experience, collaborate with peers and professionals, and share completed works with an audience. Learn more about Authoring Action workshops in schools.


Youth Programming

Year-Round Youth Programs


Our Summer Intensive is a four to five week intensive opportunity for youth to work collaboratively with professional artists, their peers and mentors to create original written works, sharpen skills in self expression and prepare their writing for the commencement production marking the end of the summer program. Learn more about Authoring Action's Summer Intensive. 

Advanced Writing Workshops 

Youth continue to develop strong skills in creative writing, spoken word and film through participation in our Afterschool Advanced Writing Workshops - held two days a week during the school year. Learn more about our year-round youth programs. 

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