Lynn Rhoades, M.Div.

co-founder & Executive director

Along with administrative oversight, program development and vocal coaching, Rhoades provides emotional and spiritual support for Authoring Action teens and their families. An artist in her own right, Rhoades’ love of performance art and passion for the health and well-being of young people joins her commitment to social justice as a leader of this organization.


Nathan Ross Freeman

Co-founder & Artistic Director 

Freeman provides program development, oversight, and artistic direction for all Authoring Action programs. As innovator of Authoring Action’s signature writing process, his passion for work with young people merges with his love for creative writing, filmmaking and impact communication.



Eric Glenn

coordinator - Just Us Program


Jennifer O'Kelly

director of visual art & design


Elise Wallace

Marketing & REsource development manager

Claire Giffin

Donor development Manager

Collaborating artists

From Authoring Action's origins, the support and development of local professional artists has been a top priority. Authoring Action contracts with artists to teach their craft, exposing teens to their artistic visions and skills through collaboration. The result is a magical thing... a product created by both the teen apprentice and the professional artist. Artists are recognized and celebrated and often report that their connection and mentoring of teens has informed their own craft as they develop and hone their ability to be teaching artists.

Authoring Action's Summer Intensive Youth Program works with collaborating choreographers and film-makers from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

  • Paul Douse (singer/songwriter)

  • Sylvia Smith (vocalist)

  • Frenchie LaVern (costume design)

  • Brandon Woods (creative movement)

  • Sarah Graybeal (writer)

  • Chad Beroth (design)

  • Bonnie Phillips, owner of Village Yoga provides a mindful practice each morning.

  • Audra Byers, owner of Yoga Unplugged provides instruction and yoga calisthenics.

Throughout the school year, visiting artists collaborate on special projects and partnerships. Each are paid via income through honoraria, donations, workshop fees, or special project grants.