Our authors are fortified to engage in a way that moves an audience to action, or celebration. 


"Go get somebody."

That is our rallying cry before engaging an audience. As if, to present in such a way that you catch someone's eye, in the audience, and speak to them, eye to eye. We aim to present with a level of impact that brings an audience to action, or celebration. Such a level of impact is brought about by presenting pieces that are brought out by the audience. 

This is not a drill. Our authors do not practice. They rehearse, because to rehearse is to re-HEAR something. Each time a pieces is presented, each time an audience is engaged, that piece is spoken, and heard, in a completely new way.

That's why we tell our authors to live through their pieces. Each telling and re-telling is re-living. 

Authoring Action does not develop teen authors who deliver speeches. Delivery means you already have a package, ready to go, ready for a recipient. We engage. Authors have a conversation with an audience. The author is taken to a place where he or she has something to say, and they take the audiences to a place, where they must act and feel. 


following each engagement we share THe prime directive:

Authoring Action is founded to develop teen authors who create original written works in poetry, monologues, rap, editorials, essays, scripts and lyrics from life stories and societal predicaments. We develop forums in collaboration with professional artists, to engage the world through spoken word on stage and screen, with design, visual and media arts, and publication.

Our  determination is: 

To empower ourselves to exercise our civic, social, 

and economic rights. 

To empower ourselves as an ensemble through the arts and impact communication To educate and re-educate our evolving society.

Whenever we engage you our determination is to rock your world and move you towards change.  We can only do that if we are daring, honest and willing to share who we are.  

We are Authoring Action.

Our teens are not writers. That is an exercise. They are authors. That is an accomplishment.
— Nathan Ross Freeman, Co-Founder & Artistic Director