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Education: students & teachers




The Graduate School of Education invited Authoring Action to engage and present on the achievement abyss in American education systems. 

We traveled to Harvard and documented along the way. Check out video series. 



Student writing workshops. Teacher interdisciplinary workshops: math, social studies, english. STEAM education. 

how to incorporate creative writing into their teaching plans. 

Not a part of NC curriculum anymore, and the teachers wanted to incorporate.

Even incorporate with math teachers. 


[NAREN] National At-risk educators network


Authoring Action ensembles have been invited as the keynote presenter at the NAREN conference in Baltimore, MD seven years in a row. 

Each year, teachers from across the country come together to discuss alternative and sustainable ways to work with youth in educational settings, particularly youth with family, behavioral, emotional or judicial obstacles in their life. 

It is a valuable opportunity for our authors to speak directly to teachers. Every year teachers' feedback is overwhelming. They are grateful to directly experience students' perspectives.