Workshops For Teens, Teachers and Adult Teams

In addition to working with teens through our year-round Authoring Action and Just Us programs, we offer workshops for other youth programs, teachers and adults in for-profit and not-for-profit workplace settings.  These workshops bring transformative personal insight and team empowerment to educational and professional environments.


Workshops In Schools:
Staff Development & Teacher Training  

For teachers, we share our Authoring Action Process for the classroom and Arts Education programming.  This training not only enhances teachers’ ability to develop their students’ creative writing, it introduces a valuable approach to learning that will augment cross-disciplinary subject matter.  The training and approach will improve students understanding of the power of language through the written and spoken word. We believe that literacy is the ability to read and write toward self-determination.    

To see the impact of our process, check out our youth program page and watch the video on our homepage.


Pen & Voice Workshops  
Professional Development  

For adults in a professional setting we believe that artistic exploration greatly enhances personnel performance.   Each employee brings their story.  Our workshops exercise storied contributions to office culture, customer service and client-care relationships.

Pen & Voice training workshops are minimum 1.5 hour sessions, ideally a half day.    Contact us for pricing and scheduling. Download our brochure for further information and reference [download button]

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from the Wake Forest University Downtown Health Plaza workshop

“It helps when you feel comfortable with someone. You trust them more with your personal information. I will strive to make my patients more comfortable with me instead of just asking my routine questions. When that patient walks up, they come with their story.”


“You have to find out about yourself before you can help others.”


“I now look at every patient differently. I understand that everything isn’t easy for them.”


“It made me see outside the box.”



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Lynn Rhoades, M.Div.
Authoring Action Co-Founder & Executive Director

As a minister for many years, and more recently as a hospital chaplain, Lynn offers a wealth of experience in how to better listen to and understand clients. 

Nathan Ross Freeman
Authoring Action Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Nathan draws on decades of experience as an author, parent, cancer survivor, and mentor to help workshop participants develop and express their personal stories. 


What is the goal of Authoring Action in the Schools?

Authoring Action in the Schools complies with the Common Core standards in order to effectively incorporate creative writing into the curriculum.

What criteria are used to measure progress?

We have a 5-point scoring system that ranges from needs help to signature performance. This is based on projection, attitude, form, and characterization. 

What are the benefits of Authoring Action in the Schools?

Teachers gain new communication tools to enhance teaching methods while students learn how to effectively engage audiences developing their public speaking abilities.

What is the goal of Pen & Voice Workshops?

Through the Pen & Voice process, we provide the environment and tools for people to increase their self awareness and sensitivity to what they bring to their workplace.

How are Pen & Voice Workshops beneficial to your organization?

Pen & Voice workshops enhance relationships with the people you serve and create camaraderie among staff.

What do participants gain from Pen & Voice Workshops?

The Pen & Voice process allows participants to gain clearer understandings of themselves, their own stories, and what they bring to the lives of the people they work with and serve.

How long do Pen & Voice Workshops typically last?

Pen & Voice Workshops are usually half-day workshops with 25 or less participants in each workshop session.


Let Us Structure a Customized Workshop Series for Your Workplace or School

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